You're the Home Hearted!

As the hostess with the mostess, beautiful dinner parties in your home are where you shine the brightest. You're the ultimate host, the organiser of cosy gatherings, and the best at creating memories in your own space. With most of your answers landing in the Cs, you're all about the warmth of home, hosting dinner parties that are nothing short of legendary, and turning even casual catch ups with your besties into a celebration to remember. Your home is your heart, and you fill it with laughter, love, and fabulous friends.


And even though you prefer to party at home, you’re always on the lookout for fabulous and thoughtful gifts for friends

The Fae wine purse

Surprise your besties with the most stylish and versatile gift yet: a discreet wine purse that adds a touch of flair to their night out. It's not just a bag; it's a statement piece that says, "Let's celebrate." So get ready to level up your gift giving – because every party at your place deserves a touch of class and a sip of sophistication. 🍷🎉

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