You're the Gift Giver! 

Making others happy is your superpower. 🎁 Your party style is not what’s important here – with most of your answers landing in the Ds, you’re not here for the fashion advice on a night out (you’ve got that covered) but more for the inspiration behind your next truly quirky and unforgettable gift for some lucky duck in your girl gang. You love surprising people with the unexpected and the more novel the gift the better.


Look no further than

The Fae Wine Purse

your go-to novelty gift that's sure to be a conversation piece for years to come. While it may not be your personal party accessory, it's the ultimate gag gift (that’s also surprisingly good quality) so get ready to steal hearts and imaginations at birthdays, celebrations, and gatherings by presenting your friends with Okume’s signature wine purse. Life's too short not to gift something that brings joy and leaves everyone raising a glass to your exceptional presents. 🍷🎉

Open the bag ⟶