Care Instructions:

Firstly, thanks for your purchase, supporting our small business means the world.

Below are some very important tips on ensuring your OKUMÉ bag stands the test of time!

How do I care for my Okumé item?

Let's be real, you will be using your Okumé bag every single day because it can hold so much and is so convenient.

Word of warning: using it on the daily will attract general wear and tear at a much faster rate (scratches on the hardware and surface material are normal when used daily).

We, therefore, recommend treating your Okumé items with love and care.

What does this mean?

  • try not to over fill it;
  • ideally hang it up when not in use; leaving it on the floor will accelerate its wear & tear;
  • spilling liquids and food isn't ideal.

Our hardware is swimsuit resistant metal with coloured plating. Over time, it is inevitable that it will rub off in areas where the metal is in regular, close contact with the skin and other surfaces. This is part of normal wear and tear and is not a fault of the item.

This can happen at differing rates, depending on how often the metal trims are used, what is on the skin that contacts the metal, (eg: moisturiser, oils, perfume), which have a particular impact on metals.

To maintain the integrity of the material, we recommend wiping the bag regularly with a cloth dipped in warm water. Dry your bag using a soft, dry cloth making sure to remove any remaining liquid.

If your bag gets wet, simply use a towel or soft cloth to dry it.

If you want to remove any marks or stains, add a small amount of detergent to warm water. Wipe the stain with a soft cloth and the warm soapy water until the stain fades. Dry your bag with a soft dry cloth to remove any remaining water.

Do not expose your bag directly to the sun or heat for long periods of time. This will fade and damage the colour / material and may deform the shape of your bag.

Our bags have been tested for colour fastness, we would, however, like to advise against wearing light coloured clothing in extreme humidity or wet weather; as colour transfer may occur.

We recommend rotating your Okumé bags (just like you do with your shoes, sunnies, jewellery and clothes!). By rotating your handbags, you will gain a longer life use

Filling and cleaning your liquid bladder / dispenser:

How to fill:

Just pour your favourite wine, cocktail, juice, cold brewed coffee or any other beverage through the hole and use the included spout for pouring. It's that simple!

Please note: We do not recommend filling the bag with hot beverages.

How to clean:

The bag insert has the ability to hold 50.7 ounces / 1 litre of liquid.

We recommend using the liquid insert no more than twice and with the same type of wine / spirit / liquid.

Following the use of the insert, the best way to clean is with warm soapy water.

Wash after every use: rinse with warm, soapy water.

We do sell additional liquid bladders if you wish to have more than one at the ready!


When you are done using it, throw it out in your recycle bin and know you are supporting the environment.