Shop, Sip, Support: Okume's Wine Purse Takes Women's Day Celebrations Up a Notch!

Shop, Sip, Support: Okume's Wine Purse Takes Women's Day Celebrations Up a Notch!

Thanks to the Okumé wine purse, we’ll be celebrating 2024 International Women's Day on the 8th March by raising a glass (filled with our favourite pinot of course) and acknowledging all the extraordinary women who came before us.

As we honour the achievements and progress of women in business and beyond, it's important to remember that supporting women shouldn't be limited to grand gestures or extravagant celebrations. Instead, it's about the everyday actions that uplift and empower women in their personal and professional lives.

The Okumé wine purse embodies the spirit of empowerment and equality, offering women a convenient and chic way to carry their favourite bottle of wine wherever they go. 

With its sleek design and practical functionality that lets you go from the office to an outdoor music festival and back down to the park with the kids, the Okume wine purse is more than just a must-have fashion statement – it's a symbol of the equal opportunities and possibilities available to all women in today's world.

So this International Women's Day, let's raise a glass to the incredible progress we've made so far and the journey that still lies ahead. Whether it's sharing a bottle of wine with your besties or supporting women-owned businesses like Okume, let's share the love and spill the Equali-tea with as many women in our circles as possible.

Cheers to women supporting women this International Women’s Day - and every day.

The Okume wine purse is the perfect accessory for any woman on the go. 

Get yours here.

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